Urban Derelict: Teleport Hub Exclusive Gift: UK USA Shoes 2 Pairs

So I designed these for teleport hub awhile ago and I finally got around to applying as a designer for the group, I hope they accept me. As soon as I hear back from them these babies will be my new free exclusive to teleporthub.com group gift!

uk usa teleport hub exclusive giftuk usa spot of tea pair aduk usa murica pair ad

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Urban Derelict: Lulu’s Bar & Grill Uniforms.

Greetings Derelicts!

I was asked by one of my oldest SL friends from the Dead End Roleplay sim to design new uniforms for Lulu’s Bar and Grill. if you have ever been in Dead End you probably wandered in there to chat with people, meet a date or just cause mischief. When she asked me I was like hell yea I will do it! You can’t  buy that kind of exposure on one of the oldest role play sims in Second life. I had some mesh items in my inventory so I came up with a bunch of items. Here are most of the pictures and all of the links to the marketplace. You can always pick them up for free at my in world store here:

Urban Derelict! In-World.

Lulus Crop Top-Mesh-All sizes

[UD] Lulu’s Leather pants with Zipper cut out-All Mesh sizes

[UD] Lulu’s Booty shorts with buckle cut outs-Mesh


[UD] Lulu’s Black leather Crop Jacket-All Mesh sizes

[UD] Lulu’s Red Leather Mesh crop Jacket- All Mesh sizes


[UD] Lulu’s Men’s Bowler shirt-Aesthetic bodies only.

Not pictured for now, but I will add one later.

Until next time my precious derelicts!

As Always, keep calm and Second life on y’all!

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Urban Derelict Presents: Dallas Cowboys Mesh items!

Greetings Derelicts! So awhile ago, like maybe 8 months or so, I learned to make nail appliers for Slink and Maitreya mesh hands. I started with NFL teams, the Baltimore Ravens first of course because Raven’s Nation, and the Dallas Cowboys second because I know they are a popular team and because Dak Prescott is my favorite QB since Mississippi state. But I digress, so the Cowboys nail hud turned out to be more popular than I could have imagined. I have sold 12 Huds so far, going on that momentum I have created these items. First up we have:

Dallas Cowboys unrigged snap back hat

I have two option for the booty dos! (word play courtesy of my best friend who will Lul)


Cowboys rigged Mesh shorts with White belt

Cowboy booty shorts-Navy


I also have two options for the Crop top: both options include rigged mesh sizes, standard mesh sizes, as well as rigged sizes for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. In regards to Slink I am not sure if it is rigged for hourglass. I have to double check that. It does not include a size for TMP. Sorry if you have TMP, since I haven’t been approved to design for TMP and its been three months since I applied. I will not go out of my way to design clothes for that body. I will however design un rigged merchandise that you can fit to a TMP mesh body. Since is s currently the best male mesh body in SL, for now. I heard that Maitreya is coming out with a men’s body, but again I digress.

Dallas Cowboy Crop top-Name on front, Star on back

Dallas Cowboys crop top Star on front, Name on back.

Then we were straight cheesin during the photo shoot, check it out!

It was pretty fun to design, I hope you like it. Until next time my precious derelicts!

As Always, keep calm and Second life on y’all!

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Dirty Princess & my new friend Skylar.

Greeting Derelicts! So a little over a year ago, maybe 18 months, I discovered a store on the marketplace called Dirty Princess. I think I was searching for furniture, I went in the store in  world and was blown away. I loved everything, I wanted everything! So a few months ago I was elated to hear they were opening up a club. I put on my Dirty princess drama dress, and my baby girl necklace that was fashioned after the Tiffany heart necklace and went in for an interview. They loved me so much I was hired in like 5 minutes, I have become really good friends with the owner that she gave me the perfect Christmas outfit and I promised to blog about it. Skylar this post is all about you and your amazing store! Happy Holidays and thanks for being an amazing friend!

Find the dress here:


**Dirty Princess** Drama Babygirl Princess Mesh Dress w/Hud For TMP, Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass Only


**Dirty Princess** Daddy’s Babygirl Princess Mesh Necklace RLV

Here is a sample from the christmas photoshoot:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The necklace and shoes I am wearing are from the ChicChica gatcha at Arcade in world, hurry before the event closes!

Until next time my precious derelicts, and as always keep calm and secondlife on!

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Harley Quinn SL Fan girl


harley-quinn-fangirl-tribute_29269817095_oSo I have been fan-girling over Harley Quinn since I saw Suicide Squad 2 weeks ago and I have been working on this for about the same time. I am so pleased with how it came out that I convinced a friend to make a Suicide Squad Joker so I can do a photo shoot with the two of them. I am absolutely in love with everything about the new adaptations of these characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love classic Harley but this look is so hardcore, edgy, punk, glam. Like all of my favorite things. So Check out how I put this look together below.

I put this look together on a Slink hourglass body with a Lelutka Karin head, I added a few personal touches with the ear gauges and face plugs. I don’t have information for them because I have had them for years.

Skin applier for Lelutka Head and Slink bodies from Swallow (also includes Omega & Maitreya appliers)


Harley’s Tattoos From Swallow


Harley’s Spiked cuffs from Swallow


Puddin Collar From Swallow


Visit Swallow In world!

Pink Lip gloss is free from Pink Acid– At their in-world store of course


Pink Acid In-World


Get the outfit here:


Shoes (for Slink Mid feet)


Harley’s bat-Urban Derelict Scripted by me!

Tested on a DCS HUD in Toxia and it works. It does a little damage, like a real life bat would.


Urban Derelict on the MP

Urban Derelict In-World

I hope you enjoy my Harley Quinn look as much as I do, until next time Derelicts!

As Always Keep Calm and Secondlife on…Puddin!

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Urban Derelict presents: Harley Quinns goodnight bat-Melee weapon enbabled.

Greetings Derelicts! 

So I made this really cool item: 

I added scripts to this bat and took it to Toxia, where some dude was nice enough to let me test it out on him. It works and does damage on a DCS Hud. I haven’t tested it anywhere else though. 

I loved Suicide Squad, if you haven’t seen it yet you are missing out!

Until next time, as always keep calm and Second life on.

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Urban Derelict presents: NFL and SEC Nails.

Greetings Derelicts I am pleased to share with you my latest creation Nail Polish for Slink and Maitreya hands. First up is the Dallas Cowboys!


Available now: Baltimore Raven’s, Washington Redskins, Mississippi State & Ole Miss.

Coming soon: Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and many more.

Until next time! Keep calm and Secondlife on!

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